Data security and Privacy


Capacity Tracker has two different implementations depending on your Jira platform:

  • Jira Cloud

  • Jira server and Data Center

Jira Cloud

Capacity Tracker for Jira Cloud uses the Atlassian Connect framework and works by exposing a multitude of REST APIs. The app is hosted in our own infrastructure and your Jira instance interacts with it by calling those APIs.

Data storage

To provide the best possible service, some data will be stored in our own storage layer (AWS DynamoDB), which includes:

  • Jira instance details (base URL, date of installation / modification, etc). This allows us to use the Atlassian Connect framework.

  • Board settings

    • Team settings (working days, holidays)

    • For every user in your board: user account ID, role, daily capacity

  • User days off

  • Multi-project report settings:

    • Project Keys

    • Board IDs

  • Templates

    • User account IDs, role, daily capacity

  • API Refresh tokens & keys


All API calls use HTTPS for security.


If you use a firewall, you may need to white-list our production endpoints:

Jira Server and Data Center

Capacity Tracker for Jira Server and Data Center is a self-contained application that will be downloaded and installed on your own Jira instance. Your data will stay on your instance and will never be sent anywhere else.